Shelby Schulz

Financial Advisor

Shelby Schulz is a financial planner with a bachelor’s degree in both management and finance. Born and raised in the Midwest then graduating from North Dakota State University, he embodies the blue-chip work ethic of those he works with. He grew up as a three-sport athlete, but was heavily invested as a wrestler, which taught him how to hold himself accountable while being part of a larger team.

Shelby enjoys spending his free time doing the things he loves with his family and friends. Whether it’s being out in nature, learning new things with like-minded people, or taking the time to unwind by golfing or water skiing, Shelby understands that these moments are too precious to let pass by. He brings this same mindset to each and every one of his clients knowing that reducing financial stress will leave more time to spend with the people that matter most and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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