Liam White

Associate Paraplanner

Liam started his freshman year at University of Missouri Columbia and pursued a BA in Software Engineering. Shortly thereafter, he decided that the online format was not for him, returned to his home state, and joined M&E Catalyst Group as a Paraplanner in February of 2021. His first impressions of the financial services industry have piqued a long-time interest and desire to help people and to build lasting relationships.

In high school, Liam often enrolled himself in every AP class offered. He sang in the choir and raced on the ski team and spent as much time with friends as he could.

In his free time, he enjoys skateboarding around the city, listening to music, cooking, working out, as well as spending as much time as he can outdoors. Liam is also very interested in world languages and is currently learning Spanish and has plans to learn more in the future.

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