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yOur personalized financial strategy

Our team works to build and execute financial strategies focused on you – your priorities, your schedule, and your life. Our six-step process helps set and maintain the course to the realization of your goals

1. Engagement

Becoming familiar with our team and tailored process is the goal. We get to know you, your values, and objectives to custom build a path to your goals.

2. Discovery

Discovery comprises detailed information gathering and examination of your overall financial foundation and priorities, as well as a snapshot of your current goal progression.

3. Analysis

M&E specialists and key partners collaborate and analyze the data from the discovery phase to build a detailed understanding of your overall financial position.

4. Recommendation

Your tailored strategy is presented, allowing further clarification, additional data points, and adjustments as needed. The finalized plan is then designed to mirror your objectives and take hold of potential opportunities.

5. Implementation*

With internal specialists and key external partners, M&E implements your unique plan, takes action on your strategies, secures products, and sets you on the path towards achieving your focused objectives.

5. Ongoing Review

Identifying life changes and goal modifications, and evaluating goal progression are vital in the overall planning process, enabling our team to adjust course and provide recommendations along the way.

* Financial plan recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing.  Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial planning fee.


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